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About Us

The Baltimore County Revenue Authority was created by the General Assembly of the State of Maryland on June 1, 1955. As an instrumentality of Baltimore County and public corporation, the Authority was created for the “purpose of constructing, improving, equipping, furnishing, maintaining, acquiring, and operating the following projects to be devoted wholly or partially for public uses: Public buildings for the use of the county and a district court facility for the state; airports and landing fields; county institutions of every kind and character (heretofore or hereafter constructed); incinerators, bridges, toll bridges and tunnels; parks, swimming pools, arenas, stadia, and recreational facilities of all kinds; dams, impounding basins, and flood control projects; parking facilities of every type and description, including areas, structures, and buildings for office, retail, and other uses in conjunction with such parking facilities; highways, parkways, traffic distribution centers, and facilities necessary or incident thereto; and public transportation facilities and system of every kind and description.”


  • The Authority is governed by five Board Members who are appointed for a term of five years by the County Executive of Baltimore County.  Board Members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time or services. Board members may be reappointed for additional terms.

Management & Operation

  • The Authority’s projects are by law required to be self-supporting and the Authority does not directly receive appropriations from general purpose units of government. It must operate in a business-like manner on a self-supporting basis.

  • In its early years, the Authority’s focus was the management and operation of toll bridges in eastern Baltimore County and parking facilities.

  • Currently, the Authority consists of three major businesses; parking, golf and an indoor recreational facility providing ice skating and field sports to the public.

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