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COVID-19 Safety Precautions
Our parking staff has increased the frequency of sanitizing all common touchpoints throughout our garages, including but not limited to all elevators, parking equipment, doors and stair rails. Signage and floor decals have been posted to remind everyone to wear a mask in the garages, specifically when riding in an elevator, and to stay six feet apart when paying at the Pay Station. The safety and well-being of our customers and staff is of utmost importance and we’re doing all we can to ensure a smooth and worry-free parking experience.

Daily Visitor Parking
Parking for daily visitors to the Towson area is available in each of our five multi-level parking facilities. The parking access and revenue control system in the facilities is an automated "Pay on Foot" system that issues tickets to vehicles as they enter the garages. Parking guests should take their tickets when they leave their vehicles and pay for their parking at one of the convenient pay stations that are, generally, located at the lowest level of each garage, adjacent to the elevators. Review each garage description at the Homepage to determine the exact location of each pay station. Most patrons pay for their parking prior to leaving the garage. A brief grace period is provided to give you time to return to your car and exit the facility. Many of the area businesses validate a portion or all of the costs of its patrons' parking costs. Take your ticket and inquire with the business. The Cinemark theatre and the businesses of Towson Square offer a generous validation program to their customers. See the Towson Square Garage link below to learn more about the programs.

Juror Parking Information

Jurors or visitors to the Baltimore County Circuit Court should park in either the Baltimore or Washington Garage. If you are visiting the Towson District Court, please park in the Library Parking Garage. For Oversized Vehicles, please please park across the street from the entrance to the Tolbert Garage and see the Garage Attendant for a permit.

Monthly parking is available at the following locations